Getting started on the website...

Once you've been registered as a chat-therapist it's worth spending some time familiarizing yourself with how the website works, and then setting up your account and creating sessions

Setting up your account

chat therapists screenOnce you're logged in if you don't see a User Menu in the left hand sidebar then click on chat-therapists Page in the main menu and it should appear.

Click on My Account 





- which will show you information about your account - this will be visible to anyone using the site

There should also be an Edit tab and a File Browser tab

Click on the Edit tab - and you can create or edit your details:



User name - you can change this at any time - this will appear as your user name throughout the site, and as your login name

Password - obviously this is not visible to users of the site

Email - this is also never visible to users of the site (but you can set a personal contact form - see further down the list)

Signature - this is a short block that will appear after any comment you make in the forum, you can include pictures and animated gifs if you like

Picture - this will appear automatically next to comments, and will also appear on sessions you create and on your account page when viewed by users of the website

Personal contact form - check this box if you would like web site users to be able to contact you. They will need to provide a valid email address, and use a Captcha (a set of obscured letters to key in) - this should protect you against spam and automated emails. Your actual email address is never revealed unless you contact the user by email

Time zone - this should normally be left to the default

User home page - This is usually set up for you - you should not need to change it

To Save any changes remember to press the Save button at the bottom of the page!

File browser - you can use the File browser to upload images and other media that you would like to appear in your content (usually your Home Page and the chat-therapy sessions you set up)

Creating your Home Page

Go back to the View tab of My Account and there should be a link to your Home Page.

Click on the link and you will see what your Home Page looks like. Initially it will normally be completely blank You are free to create as much content as you like. Your Home Page allows you to present yourself and your sessions to users of the site. You can include links to other sites, including general information, or other sites that describe you and your services. We would appreciate that wherever you link to other sites you own or control that you also link from that site to chat-therapy (see HTML below to see how)

Copy and paste this HTML to link to the Home Page of chat-therapy

<a href="">Registered chat-therapist</a>

Copy and paste this HTML to link to your own Home Page on chat-therapy and then edit the part saying http:// to match your Home Page

(you can find the appropriate link by going to

<a href="">See me on chat-therapy</a>






See me on chat-therapy

You can edit the text that says “See me on chat-therapy” -that’s the text that will appear displayed