Group Counselling - the pros and cons

We're often asked if group counselling is a substitute for one to one counselling or therapy

The short answer is No...

In all forms of one to one counselling or therapy the therapist focusses exclusively on you issues in order to effect change for the better

In group counselling each member relates to each other member of the group (indeed the great Carl Rogers often said he tended toward relating to the group as a whole rather than individual members)

Members of a group:

  • get to relate to each other member
  • find that others have the same, similar, and different issues, sometimes far worse
  • can help other members by sharing their experience
  • can expereince the pleasure of helping others

Group counselling can be an excellent complement to one to one therapy. MAny clients find that after a series of one to one sessions they like the companionship and support of a group