chat-therapy FAQ

Frequently asked questions about chat-therapy...

Q What is chat-therapy?

chat-therapy is a group of people meeting at regular intervals to discuss almost anything

Q Why should I go to chat-therapy?

By meeting in a regular group you get the chance to discuss your issues in life and equally you get the chance to hear other peoples' issues. By discussing them between you, you get mutual help, support and understanding. Over time this is an extremely effective therapeutic process

Q Is chat-therapy a recognized therapeutic technique?

chat-therapy is based on group therapy and experiential therapy, both widely recognized therapeutic techniques, for more info follow this link:

Most chat-therapists are fully qualified counsellors, or hold an equivalent therapeutic diploma

Q So is it like counselling?

chat-therapy, being a form of group therapy, has widely recognized therapeutic benefits, but it is not the same as counselling

In chat-therapy it is the participation in the group, both talking and listening that derives the benefits - the therapist is a member of the group

In counselling the benefits arise from the specific counselling techniques used by the therapist